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   From an article in La Notte :
In the seat of Rai-TV in Milan the preliminaries are over, for the admission of the participants to the new television programme "Voices and Faces of Fortune" coming soon. ... Actually the Coro Alpino Sestese, composed by young people, mostly workers between the ages of 18 and 30, has shown good vocal and stylistic qualities. But young Master Celestino Zonca, graduated at the Conservatoire for blind people in Milan, has good part of the credit for that. di Milano...

The end of the 60s is a good moment for folk song and especially for mountain song. Young people are probably attracted by a new way of aggregation and of introducing themselves. So new boys become members of the choir with a notable increase of its dimensions.   

   In the long run someone leaves and some other joins in, as normal. Anyway Celestino remains the steady unmovable reference-point for everybody. That allows the growing without changing the style of singing and the friendship in the group

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Coro Alpino Sestese
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