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May 1976: a powerful earthquake strikes the region of Friuli in Northern Italy, with widespread devastation and lots of victims. Three months later the Coro Alpino Sestese together with their friends of the choir La Dinarda go there to help concretely with the reconstruction. Solidarity has always been present among the activities of the choir.   

   The pleasure for good song and the wish to widespread it has brought the choir to the organization of concerts with well-known groups, such as the Crodaioli, the Tre Pini, and the Sforzesco (just to mention some of them). Concerts where the large audience has always underlined the will to keep alive the tradition of folk song. Here beside Bepi De Marzi and Celestino exchange remembrance plates.

Also the relations with Gianni Malatesta have always been good. The choir Tre Pini from Padova, directed by him, has made more than one concert by us and with us. During their last tour in Australia they sent us this postcard to show us their affection.
We keep it jealously as witness of mutual esteem and friendship

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